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A simplified and safer process to boiling eggs

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TheEggDropper in an egg shell

Boil Eggs to your Perfection 

TheEggDropper is a patent pending kitchen apparatus designed to hold six eggs of any size in the individual baskets along with a hook to lift the device in and out of the pot of water easier and safer than other basic methods. TheEggDropper is a great organizational tool for the kitchen. Everyone can feel better working around boiling water with TheEggDropper.


Special Features and Benefits:

Six individual baskets β€“ Hold six eggs separately which helps to prevent cracking of eggs.  Every egg needs to aspire to become a deviled egg, don’t they? πŸ˜Š

BPA Free β€“ The product is made from the popular kitchen grade silicone. No plastic for the water here people.

Consistency of eggs β€“ Everyone wants to have consistently cooked eggs.  It’s the way it should be.  TheEggDropper offers that over the old pioneer way of using your hands, spoons or ladles.  Those days are gone my friend!

Instant Pot ready β€“ There is a craze out there for Instant Pot lovers and they call themselves, Pot Heads.  Hello Pot Heads, let me introduce you to a new accessory for your Instant Pot, TheEggDropper.  I am sure you two will get along just fine.  πŸ˜Š

Easy Storage β€“ A product made from Silicone (a rubberish material) stores anywhere, even in the refrigerator with the eggs in it.

Easy clean up β€“ Face it, cleaning in the kitchen is never ending and the worst part of cooking, so, just rinse TheEggDropper hot water, dry and store.  Oh, and it’s dishwasher safe if you want to go that extent.

Persons with disabilities β€“ When we receive comments back that say things like my Mom is blind, this is perfect for her, it makes you feel good that a product as simple as TheEggDropper can make people feel whole in some small way.  Love it!  Whether it be loss of sight or dexterity related, it’s humbling that our product becomes highly useful. We like to call it ADA friendly, kid tested and family approved.

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